November 16 - ILEA Networking with Kevin Molesworth


Networking:  The most important piece of your marketing puzzle! 

ILEA Columbus is excited to introduce Kevin Molesworth, CSEP, President of Brass Tacks Events in Austin Texas!  Kevin is a Networking and marketing guru and is traveling in to teach us why networking is the most important part of our marketing strategy.  Learn best practices, tips and tricks for effective networking and, equally as important, what you should NOT be doing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The Ivory Room 
2 Miranova Place, Columbus, Ohio 43215

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This event is a "Reverse Happy-Hour!"  Our VIP speaker will begin promptly at 6:00pm, food/drinking/networking to follow speaking content.

$35 for members
$45 for Associate members
$60 for Non-members
About Kevin Molesworth, CSEP, President, Brass Tacks Events, Austin, Texas

Molesworth started his career in New York, working as an actor and director/producer. "One day I was approached to produce a conference for 300 renowned psychologists from all over the world and thought, 'How hard could it be? If I can deal with actors, I'm sure I can handle a bunch of psychologists.' I soon realized that there were so many parallels between producing a live theatrical event and a conference or special event. Thus, my transition into a career as a special events professional occurred quite naturally--and I never looked back." The president of the ISES Austin chapter credits his "artist's heart" as a strength, along with "unbounded energy and a mind unable to turn off the need to create—and therein lies my recipe for success." 

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