Erin Greene




Business Development
Two Caterers
Member Since 2011

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Phone: (614) 400-2711

Other information

Other information:

What do I do? I work in outside sales and marketing. It is my job to bring in new business and introduce Two Caterers to those who have not had the chance to use us yet! (Mostly I bring free lunch to people... it's really fun!)

Where I work: Two Caterers is a fun company that is serious about food. We have been in business for 19 years and have some seriously experienced event-veterans working on our team. We understand how important every event is and how important catering is to your guest experience so we will constantly strive to make every event the best it can possibly be. Also, we really love our jobs. So along with our expertise, you get a great team to partner with!  

How and Why I got on the Board: Right out of college, I worked for two amazing people (Annette McClure and Jim Riley) who were both just out of the president's seat. They showed me how important ILEA is to a career and what building strong relationships can do. I knew that being on the board would be the best way to dive in head first!

What's so great about ILEA? INTERNATIONAL Collaboration: I recently switched positions, starting an outside sales & business development department at my company. This was huge and our company had not done anything like this before. It was incredibly easy for me to reach out to my ILEA friends in Chicago and find 3 great companies that had Business Development veterans. I shadowed them, picked their brains, and came home with a full sales strategy and direction for our company growth. It was extremely successful. All thanks to my ILEA connections.

My Favorite ILEA Memory or MomentI was working for Annette McClure at Children's Hospital and my internship was coming to a close. She knew that Jim Riley was hiring at the Ohio History Connection and the conversation when kind of like this: "Jim, meet Erin. I know you're hiring so you should hire her." He did!